Menter Caerdydd

Menter Caerdydd‘s aim is to ensure social opportunities for residents of Cardiff and beyond to use Welsh outside school hours and the workplace, raising awareness about the language and offering assistance and support for Welsh learners or non-Welshspeaking residents in the city.

Now there are nearly 40,000 people involved in Menter Caerdydd services throughout the year. The Welsh language is growing in our capital and the language can be heard more and more on the street and in our communities. There is an increase in the numbers of children, young people and adults who speak and learn Welsh in Cardiff and the demand for social opportunities through the medium of Welsh in the County.

Our services are achieved by working in partnership with a large number of local and national organisations, Welsh medium as well as non-Welsh medium partners. Menter Caerdydd is funded by a grant from the Welsh Government, Cardiff Council, Arts Council of Wales and the National Lottery.

Menter Caerdydd is active in the following areas:

– Weekly social package for Welsh learners.
– Recreational and artistic opportunities for families.
– Schedule of weekly informal learning for adults in the Capital
– Organisers Tafwyl - Cardiff Welsh Festival
– Lead Partner in The Old Library - Cardiff's Welsh Centre
– Training programme of accredited courses in Welsh for Cardiff residents

– Weekly Leisure and Arts Clubs for children in Welsh in Cardiff.
– Free Play during school holiday periods in deprived areas
– Child Care in holidays in Welsh for children 4 - 11 years old
– Various workshops for children during school holidays.
– Employment opportunities and volunteering through Welsh for young                  people and students
Chief Executive Menter Caerdydd
Tafwyl Organiser

029 2068 9888